30th Anniversary Retrospective documentary, “The Nubile Thangs! 30 Years Later – A Look Back”, premieres this Friday (May 29th), at 8pmET.

Official Trailer here!!!

Due to the cancellation of the nubile thangs! show on May 1st, a show meant to celebrate the band’s thirty years in existence, the boys decided to do something a little different. No, not a Zoom performance. Neither clever or tech-savvy enough for that, instead they did a Zoom interview with noted intellectual, musician, filmmaker and longtime friend of the band, Travis Chandler (Terrible Spaceship).

Upon viewing it, Jason decided to make it less…uh…talky (and shorter…much shorter). So, using it as a means to learn Final Cut Pro (and, seriously, what the hell else is he gonna do without sports?), over the past five weeks he has meticulously turned it into a feature-length record of the band’s thirty years. It is filled with stories, explanations and excuses, as well as music, photos, guest references, memories and many bits of never-before-seen video footage! It is also not to be compared to the works of Errol Morris, Feras Fayyad, Michael Moore or Travis Chandler. Again…NOT to be compared. But it is very much an accurate and amusing record of who the band is and was – going all the way back to 1989.

It premieres this Friday, May 29th at 8pmET on the nubile thangs YouTube channel! Oh! Make sure to subscribe while you’re there!!! See you then and STAY SAFE!!

Official Trailer here!!!

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