The Nubile Thangs show at Martyrs on May 1st has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus! Please stay home, wash your hands, and be safe!

You know the thing about getting older? Your friends get older too. And as they get older, they start to say things to you like “Hey, man, why do you guys always have to play after I’m already in bed?” Are you one of these people?


The Nubile Thangs! step out of their rock’n’roll time machine once again to bring their special brand of garage R&B back to Martyrs (3855 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago) on Friday, May 1, and the show will start at 8 O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING. That’s right, this isn’t one of those tricks where we tell you to show up at 8 and then we go on at 10:30, WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING ON AT 8PM.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re playing with our amazing friends, Terrible Spaceship, who are the funkiest science fiction outfit you’ve ever seen, along with the pop-meets-soul grooves of The Right Now!

As for the show itself, we can neither confirm or deny the rumors about the debut of the first new song written by the band in almost two decades, BUT ISN’T IT WORTH STAYING UP PAST 8PM TO FIND OUT? All signs point to yes.

So, get your dancing shoes and bring em to work with you on Friday, May 1, because you’re coming straight to Martyrs to rock it out with your old friends The Nubile Thangs! We’ll see you there!

Oh…and as a reminder, you can listen to all of our crappy music anytime for free at our SoundCloud page!