The Nubile Thangs 30-year Retrospective Documentary is Available Now!

“The Nubile Thangs! – 30 Years Later…A Look Back” is now available for viewing on the Nubile Thangs YouTube channel!

Filled with stories, music, unseen video and tons of laughs, it is the first time the Thangs have sat down as a band and retold so many of the experiences they had. Anyone who has been in a band, toured with a band, wonders what it’s like to stick around with the same five friends for 30 years, or just wants to look back at a Chicago and a music industry that no longer exists will have a ball.

Hosted by documentarian (“The Last Believer”) and musician (Terrible Spaceship, Bumpus), Travis Chandler, what started out as a simple zoom conversation became something much more. Jason Singer, sax player for the Thangs, decided with no sports on, now would be a good time to lear Final Cut Pro. What better way to learn something than to tackle a subject you both love and have been a part of for the better part of three decades. Meticulously researched and edited (there is about an hour of stuff that did not make it in to the film), lovingly crafted with a lot of bits that have never seen the light of day prior to this film, and chock full of humorous aural and visual moments, this will stand as the definitive (and, let’s face it, only) document surrounding the bands creation, travails and continued journey!

It’s ninety minutes of…well…the Nubile Thangs! Watch it one sitting or watch it in bits. Either way, it will take you away from the very serious stuff going on right outside the door for a few moments. That’s “The Nubile Thangs! – 30 Years Later…A Look Back”!

And we’ll see you at a live show soon!!! We hope!