the nubile thangs

begun as a sick experiment called the smut boys at the north carolina school of the arts in 1990, lindsay jones (bass and vocals), chris eudy (guitar and vocals) and john "bootie" noyes (drums and king kong with two hatchets) decided to form a power trio in 1991 in the vein of rush. okay not really. but a power trio nonetheless and, hence, the birth of the nubile thangs.

upon graduating they were summarily roped into playing buddy holly and the crickets in the second national tour of "Buddy! The Buddy holy story" in 1992. while rehearsing the show in chicago that summer, they began to play in the windy city's myriad rock clubs and a following soon developed.

Another cast member, jason singer (saxophone), badgered them into letting him play sax on a couple songs, soon after becoming a regular member of the grupo del funk (and rock). their good friend and trumpet matador, Oscar ybarra, was recruited soon thereafter and the band was complete.

playing all over the country and putting out three records over the next ten years, the group disbanded in late 2001. with the horn section moving to spain and new york, and with growing concerns by the chris and bootie that it might finally be time to become adults, the band disbanded. for a time, lindsay continued to play solo shows, refusing to acknowledge the end had come, so he got into sound design where he could pretend.

Their final show, available in it's totality on this website, occurred on october 13th, 2001 at the band's home venue, the note.

The thangs remain forgotten by most, but when reminded, their old fans recall the irreverence, the hooks and the inanity that ensued at live shows for over a decade.

Briefly united for a quick set in 2004 for jason's 40th, the band remembered during the course of that show how much they enjoyed playing with each other (and realized how old they had become).

The nubile thangs ("the liquid soul of chicago") remain permanently fixed in the discussion of bands that temporarily made a difference in the funk and rock scenes of chicago in the 90's!

Enjoy the memories contained within!


long since retired...but, ARguably, the greatest rock band ever!

already ridiculous,
They added...


...A TRUE legend was born...